Johnson Intake Screens

We provide various types and sizes of Johnson intake screens used to filter debris and aquatic organisms of varying sizes from raw water sources such as rivers, lakes, streams, and oceans.

Vee Wire Screen Structure
Our Johnson intake screens comprise non-clogging V-shaped wires, offering a high open area while ensuring minimal inlet velocity and pressure drop. This provides maximum water capacity while minimizing entrainment and impact.

Corrosion-Resistant Material
Ourintake screens are manufactured with sturdy materials such as stainless steel, and other corrosion-resistant alloys. The screens are suitable for use in harsh corrosive environments.

Customization for Every Need
With customizable options available, including screen size, material, and configuration, Johnson intake screens can be tailored to meet your specific requirements, ensuring seamless integration into your existing infrastructure.

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Main Features of Johnson Intake Screens
1. Large screen surface area in a small footprint
2. Exceptional debris and biofouling control
3. No moving parts, low maintenance requirements, installation
4. Low and even slot velocity protects aquatic life

Other applications of Johnson Intake Screens
1. Municipal Water Treatment Plants
Johnson intake screens protect intake structures from debris, algae, and aquatic organisms in municipal water treatment facilities.
2. Industrial Water Intake
Power generation, chemical processing, and manufacturing industries rely on water for various processes. Johnson intake screens are installed in industrial water intake systems to prevent fouling of heat exchangers, cooling towers, and other equipment.
3. Desalination Plants
Johnson intake screens are installed at the intake stage to filter out marine debris, plankton, and other contaminants. By safeguarding desalination equipment from fouling, the screens contribute to the efficiency and reliability of the desalination process.
4. Hydropower Generation
The screens are employed in hydropower intake structures to prevent debris, sediment, and aquatic life from entering turbines and other hydromechanical equipment.

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